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  • The UIL instituted a Texas Exception to the "Long Switch" rule put in place by the NFHS, Click Here for a printable copy diagramming this exception
  • Six-foot coaching box centered on either the first or second seat nearest the division line (sub-varsity and middle school coaches only).
  • Foul reporting area: Clear the players and go above the free throw line extended outside the 3-point line. (2- and 3-Person)
  • Lead official administers sideline throw-ins below the free throw line extended on either side of the court. Lead official has count and chop to start the clock. Trail will mirror (chop) all throw-ins administered by the Lead official. (2-Person)
  • Officials should only switch on shooting fouls and the calling official will go table side. If calling official is already on table side their will be no switch. (2-Person)
  • Time out procedure in both 2- and 3-person during a 30-second time out, go to the top of the 3-point circle. On full time outs, go to free throw lane blocks opposite the bench area. In 3-person, one official stays with the inbounds spot or at the endline that free throws will be taken. In 2-person, put the ball on the floor at inbound spot or on the free throw line if free throws are going to be attempted.


UIL / Texas Exceptions To NFHS Rules

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